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Most frequent questions and answers

If you provide any type of service that helps someone else, you are considered a provider on HelpShelf.  This includes providing information, emergency services, counseling, coaching, education, financial assistance, support, planning, legal services, treatment, etc.

No.  A physical location is not required.  You can list your services whether you help people in-person, online, by phone, etc. 

Yes, you can cancel or change your listing plan at any time.  If you cancel a paid listing plan, you will continue to have the functionality of that plan for the duration of the month or year you already paid for.  Your plan will not renew once you cancel. 

No.  We do not offer refunds.  However, you are able to cancel a paid listing plan or change to a free plan at any time.

You will be prompted to register a separate account in order to be able to claim or add a listing.  You will then be registered as a provider, have the ability to add listings, and have a different dashboard than regular users.